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Since June 2013 when Canal Gestión Lanzarote took charge of the integral water cycle in Lanzarote and La Graciosa, it acquired a series of commitments which go beyond the provision of a suitable and professional service in keep with a modern society. It involves another series of obligations which pursue the continual renovation and maintenance of the infrastructure which defines the integral water cycle as well as the reversion of part of the sale of the water income within the Lanzarote community and which is channelled through the Consortium of the Water of Lanzarote.

Being this one of our main commitments towards the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa, the company considers it fundamental in its management, respect for the environment, energy efficiency and an optimal quality of service, health and safety. The integral water cycle is managed in a sustainable and responsible manner in order to contribute towards reaching a better future.

In terms of company values, in addition to these are the excellence at work, professional know how, mutual understanding, care for the environment, efficient service, integration with the society and team work which we all form a part of.

For Canal Gestión Lanzarote, this is one of the best ways to thank and give back to the community those resources received by them.

The environment and sustainability

Quality of the water