The waters for human consumption are all those that, after proper treatment can be used for drinking, cooking, preparing food, personal hygiene and other domestic uses, and that are supplied to the consumer through public or private distribution networks or cisterns.
Royal Decree 140/2003, of February 7, is the fundamental state regulation on drinking water, although there are others in the community, autonomous, national or island.

Insular regulations

Autonomic Regulations

  • Law 12/1990, of July 26, of Aguas de Canarias
  • Law 2/1999, of February 4, on urgent economic measures, of a social nature, relating to the personnel and the administrative organization of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands for the 1999 financial year (Modification of Article 119 of Law 12/1990 )
  • Decree 158/1994, of July 21, on transfers of functions of the Public Administration of the Autonomous Community of the Canary Islands to the Island Councils in matters of terrestrial waters and hydraulic works.
  • Decree 276/1993, of October 8, on Sanctions Regulation on water matters.
  • Decree 88/1991, of April 29, approving the regulation of aid to hydraulic works of private initiative
  • Decree 174/1994, of July 29, approving the Regulations for the Control of Discharges for the Protection of the Public Hydraulic Domain
  • Decree 86/2002, of 2 July, approving the Regulation of Hydraulic Public Domain
  • Decree 232/2008, of November 25, which regulates the safety of people in the underground works and hydraulic installations of the Canary Islands.

State Regulation

  • Royal Legislative Decree 1/2001, of July 20, approving the revised text of the Water Law
  • Law 62/2003, of December 30, on fiscal, administrative and social order measures
  • Law 10/2001, of July 5, of the National Hydrological Plan
  • Royal Decree Law 2/2004, of June 18, which modifies Law 10/2001, of July 5, of the National Hydrological Plan.
  • Law 11/2005, of June 22, which modifies Law 10/2001, of July 5, of the Hydrological Plan
  • Royal Decree 849/1986, of the Regulation of the Hydraulic Public Domain, of April 11
  • Royal Decree 606/2003, of May 23, which modifies Royal Decree 849/1986, of April 11, which approves the Regulation of the Hydraulic Public Domain, which develops the preliminary Titles I, IV, V, VI and VIII of Law 29/1985, of August 2, of Water
  • Royal Decree 140/2003, of 7 February, establishing the sanitary criteria for the quality of water for human consumption. (BOE nº 45 of 21/02/2003)
  • Order SCO / 1591/2005, of May 30, on the National Information System of Water of Consumption
  • Royal Decree 907/2007, of July 6, approving the Regulation of Hydrological Planning

Community Policy

  • Council Directive 80/68 / EEC of 17 December 1979 on the protection of groundwater against pollution caused by certain dangerous substances
  • Council Directive 91/271 / EEC of 21 May 1991 on the treatment of urban waste water
  • Council Directive 96/61 / EC of 24 September 1996 on integrated pollution prevention and control
  • Council Directive 98/83 / EC of 3 November 1998 on the quality of water intended for human consumption
  • Directive 2000/60 / EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2000 establishing a Community framework for action in the field of water policy