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The sea, main source of raw material

The sea, main source of raw material


The water supply system for Lanzarote and La Graciosa are based on the collection of sea water via coastal wells off the coast of Punta de Los Vientos in Arrecife and Janubio in Yaiza.

At present, there are four collection points where the sea water is sent to desalination plants by means of propulsion pumps. Prior to its access through the reverse osmosis membranes, this water is subject to a pre-physical-chemical treatment in order to fundamentally eliminate solids in suspension.

The company has an annual capacity to collect 73 hm³ of sea water; however the maximum annual production of desalinated water is currently approximately 33 hm³.

The remaining brine is returned back to the sea diluted, via the sewage outlet pipes.

Both the collection wells as well as the sewage outlet pipes have no visual impact whatsoever on the Lanzarote coastline.