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Canal Gestión Lanzarote offers you a brand new tool in order to bring you closer to the daily management carried out surrounding the fundamental water cycle in the islands of Lanzarote and La Graciosa.

This virtual space offers you all the information which generates the activity taking place, centred in placing Lanzarote water management in the highest levels of quality and excellence in the service, as well as the possibility of carrying out any regular formality in any one of our eight branches which are located throughout the entire insular geography.

By means of this electronic headquarters we aim to establish a new channel of communication as well as an efficient and solid contact with subscribers and citizens in general, for whom the company works with commitment and responsibility.

Canal Gestión Lanzarote would like to share and offer a service to the community of Lanzarote, one of professionalism and good fulfilment of the Grupo Canal corporate entity which the firm is part of, since its creation in 2013.
The firm invites you to look further in to this portal and discover what it has to offer; to browse this webpage in order to get to know the management which takes place of this public asset whose ownership belongs to the Consortium of the Water of Lanzarote and therefore, all the people of Lanzarote. Canal Gestión Lanzarote is a mere placement of trust of a management which is characterised by the implementation of the latest technologies, environmental respect and quality in the service.

Canal Gestión Lanzarote

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