The history of water in Lanzarote

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  5. The history of water in Lanzarote

A before and after from 1965

Life changed on this Atlantic island during the middle of the 70’s.  The development of this volcanic land was awakened at the hand of naval engineer Manuel Díaz Rijo (La Vegueta, 1927), his brother, lawyer José Díaz Rijo and also naval engineer Javier Pinacho.  Out of their proposals, spring of 1965 would become a historical date, a crucial moment:

“… sea water, transformed in to potable water, commenced circulation via the supply network of Arrecife.  The simple action of turning the tap on had ended the stress produced by the shortage of potable water on the island”.

From that date onwards, “the sea was transformed in to Lanzarote’s great reservoir”.

D. Manuel Díaz Rijo, ingenerio naval y promotor principal de la primera desaladora de Canarias y de Europa.

D. Manuel Díaz Rijo

Ingenerio naval

Naval engineer and main instigator of the first desalination plant in the Canary Islands and Europe.